26 de fevereiro de 2016

Carreiras Sovena Group


O sucesso da Sovena tem por base o recrutamento de colaboradores inteligentes, dinâmicos e responsáveis que acreditem no projecto e se dediquem a ele com empenho e ambição.
Se acredita que pode fazer a diferença, qualquer que seja a sua área de actividade ou experiência envie o seu CV aqui.

About Sovena 

From Portugal to the world, we want to share the quality of our products with the greatest number of people. So we developed a portfolio that spans four business units (Agriculture, Oilseeds, Consumer Goods and Biodiesel) and have the olive oil as our core business, covering the entire value chain spectrum, from production to distribution.

We are world leaders in the global olive oil market and we have the largest olive grove planted worldwide, with over 10 million olive trees and we are present in all continents, exporting to over 70 countries.

It is a privilege, but also a huge responsibility and that is why we bet on a glocal positioning. In this way, we ensure a global reach with an operation acting locally that allows us to know the market in which we operate, their differences and specificities. With our olive oil, we want to bring a new flavor and inspire people to have a healthier diet and the result is our wide offer with each product and brand oriented to tastes and habits very well identified.

We believe that as a company we have a responsibility towards our customers, employees and partners, but also to the communities where we operate. So we try to invest, develop and inspire people within and outside Sovena.

That is why we express our passion in our signature: "Olive oil for the world".

Site  http://www.sovenagroup.com
Setor Bens de consumo
Tipo Empresa privada
Sede Rua. Dr. Ant. Loureiro Borges - Nº 2. Edif. Arquiparque, 2 Algés, 1495-131 Portugal 
Tamanho da empresa 1.001-5.000 funcionários

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